1. Gustavo Silva Nuñez - Water Colors (Photo Realistic Art)

    He Knows How To Make Them Wet.

    Make sure you check out more of Gustavo’s moist artwork (HERE).

    (Source: MajorCurators.com)

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  3. Grimes - “Go” Ft. Blood Diamonds (Music Video)

    On Your Mark… Get Set…

    Directed by ROCO-PRIME.

    This song is available to you now on iTunes, Google play, Amazon, and Spotify.

    (Source: MajorCurators.com)

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  5. The Weeknd - “King Of The Fall” (Music Video)

    When The Leaves Hit The Ground He Wears The Crown.

    Directed by Glenn Michael.

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    (Source: MajorCurators.com)

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